Returning to Knox County for signing on Saturday, December 13

On Saturday, December 13, I will be signing books at the South Knox Elementary School Annual Craft Show along with author Marlis Day. Marlis and her Oprah Book Club chose me as their honored author at the annual author’s dinner back in July and I spoke to over eighty readers and signed books afterward. It was a great turnout and I am looking forward to a similar number at the Craft Show. I have been told people come from three states to attend the show.

Book signing at Noblesville Author’s Faire

I was one of nineteen authors invited to participate in an author’s faire at the Noblesville Public Library on Saturday, September 27. Book signings followed a panel discussion and author readings. It was a good time to meet other authors and some old friends. They plan on this faire becomming an annual event.

Date and Time for Huntingburg Book Talk and Signing

I will be appearing at the Huntingburg Public Library on Saturday, December 14, at 3 p.m. for a book talk/signing. Looking forward to reunion with old friends, colleagues, and former students. I had a nice time last Saturday at the Speedway Public Library. Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Got to see some other old friends, colleagues, and former students. Its all good. Hope to do more in the near future.

Taping of show on WVUT-TV

On Tuesday, November 19, I taped a show that will be aired on WVUT-
TV, Channel 22, on successive Saturday nights on December 7,14,and 21 at 7:30 p.m. It will cover about eight counties in southwestern Indiana and southeastern Illinois.

Book signings are being lined up.  I will be at the Speedway Public Library on Saturday, December 7 at 2 p.m.  No date has been set yet for one at the Huntingburg Public Library, but we are working on it.  Hopefully, the Pendleton Public Library is in the works, too.  I will keep you posted on future appearances.

I continue to get feedback from all around the country.  Readers in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida recently sent nice comments.  I am finding people are sharing.  Some are saying they are the third person to read their copy.  I think they say in the business that the book has “legs.”  That’s nice to hear.  Happy reading!

Hot Time in Old Town Last Night

Things were hopping in Vincennes last night as a record crowd turned out for my book talk and signing at the Knox County Public Library. People spilled out into a second room and there was standing room only. A front page story appeared in the Sunday edition of the Vincennes Sun-Commerical and another story came out in Boomer Magazine just in time for the signing. A radio interview was to be aired today. The bookstore on Main Street reported selling out all their copies of Purcell Station and having a waiting list for more. I coudn’t have asked for a better turnout and it was great to see some old friends from the past. Hopefull we can do another event at the bookstore on Main Street in the near future.

Book signing

Things are going well.  I will be giving a talk and signing books at the Knox County Public Library in Vincennes on Monday, September 16, at 7 p.m.  The Northwest Territory Genealogical Society is the host, but the public is welcome.  They are hoping for a large turnout.

In August I did a book signing in Wilkinson, in Hancock County, at the reunion of Charlottesville High School.  It was good to see so many old friends and be able to sign books.  I appreciated their high level of interest.

Welcome to Purcell Station!

Be careful stepping off the train.  Purcell Station is noted for its bevy of stray dogs and snarling alley cats.  Some are dangerous, as Garrett Gentry found out on his arrival.  If you haven’t already read that, you will.  The people, however, are all nice and friendly, with a few exceptions.  You’ll read about them soon enough.

Several people have asked why Purcell Station for the title of this novel.  I could say it was a figment of my imagination, but that wouldn’t be the whole truth.  In fact, it is taken from an old whistle-stop on the L & N railroad south of Vincennes, Indiana.  It is extinct now, but it once housed a train station, a general store, a post office, a grammar school, and a couple of houses.  There’s nothing left now but one lone reminder: a green road sign along Highway 41 showing” Purcell Station Road.”

The real setting of this novel is on down the track about five miles.  It’s the town of my ancestors, and let me tell you what a town it was!  It had some characters and some shady stuff going on, and a lot of secrets.  But I won’t spill the beans.  That’s why you’re going to read the book, and I don’t want to spoil it for you.  So, enjoy.  Let me know if there is anything you don’t understand.  Just remember, it’s fiction, sorta.

Dale Glenn